How It Works

New Families New Therapy: Philosophy and How it Works

No assumption is made that therapy is needed.  You may be seeking information or wanting to explore family roles, rules, and behavior patterns.  Adhering to simple principles helps most families with the challenges of creating a new family. You can first take a look at the Principles Section (resources for parents) and explore articles and blogs that address some common concerns and issues. That information may be enough for you get started on adjustments that will help create clear boundaries for the new famliy. You may want to set  time for a few educational sessions that would likely involve parents only.

Family Therapy is designed to bring all willing family members into a safe environment where they can share the challenges they are facing. Family Therapy helps identify your family’s strengths such as caring for and being committed to one another and the emotional difficulties that contribute to conflict.  Family Therapy doesn’t automatically solve family conflicts but it can help you and your family members understand one another better and provide you with skills to cope with the challenging of creating a new family. The goal is for the entire family to achieve a better sense of understanding, togetherness and skill in resolving conflict.

Family Therapy may include all members of the new family together, each family separately or parents of the different new families.

Please email or call Dr. Sanders (303.810.7728) to set up an initial meeting.  You will be asked to fill out the simple form below that provides information about your new or anticipated new family (who is in your family and what other module families your children are part of) prior your appointment.  This will save time and allow us to be organized and efficient.

Download New Family Form